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Diaspora is a weekly radio broadcast of
three hours of music from all over the world.

It is my pleasure to play music for you every Thursday morning
from 9 am to Noon on WORT-FM at 89.9 MHz in Madison, WI.

Diaspora T-shirts available for donation to WORT


You can also listen anytime by streaming over the internet.

Music is a higher, more subtle form of communication than speech. Music carries recognizable emotions that can transcend language and location.

Listening to music from many cultures reveals we are all made of the same stuff. I like to think of Diaspora as a celebration of humanity, of the common things that tie us all together in a world that often seems perilously fractured.

Join me on Thursday mornings and we'll travel together.
Diaspora is hosted by Terry O', a WORT volunteer since 1985. He can be contacted here.
WORT-FM is a volunteer powered, listener-sponsored, community radio station founded in 1975.